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In a law office, communication is imperative in presenting polished and professional impressions to clients.

How can using OFFICErING’s VoIP phone system benefit my law firm?
If your law firm is looking for a phone system and service provider in Houston to bring your law office into the future with VoIP, then get ready to reap the benefits of cloud-based telecom just like the biggest groups of attorneys from all over the law firm industry.
If your law firm is still using old copper-wire telephone systems connected to PSTN lines, then it's about time your attorneys, employees and customers started benefiting from our VoIP phone system for law offices.
Give your company’s communications a facelift with VoIP features like professional auto attendants to greet your customers and reduce hold times by automatically routing calls to the correct departments and attorneys.
Increase the productivity of your employees and attorneys with features like call forwarding, find me / follow me, conferences, call recording, and voicemail to email. These features allow them to engage customers uninterrupted from any place at any time.
Maintain maximum uptime of your communications, even when the power and internet are out. OFFICErING’s disaster proof phone service guarantees calls are immediately rerouted to employee and attorney’s cell phones to continue receiving calls.

How much does a VoIP phone system for law firms cost when compared to a traditional phone system?

Although pricing will be determined based on the size of your law office the amount of services you need to maintain it, expect that transitioning to a VoIP law firm phone system will immediately begin saving you a significant amount of money. You can also expect that your initial investment in a VoIP phone system for your law offices will be significantly less than buying or even continuing to maintain a traditional phone system.
Reduce monthly recurring charges (MRC) for phone lines, long distance minutes, phone numbers, and conference services. Stop paying full price for phone lines you need just for capacity.
Reduce infrastructure costs both when installing and maintaining the necessary infrastructure for a law office phone system. VoIP connects across your current LAN. There is no need to maintain additional phone wires.
Bundle locations and save by sharing resources like phone lines between them. OFFICErING can connect all of your locations and remote partners on a single system and maintain separate billing. Expand your law firm anywhere in the world effortlessly.
Best Law Firm Features
Call Recording
Record and store all of your calls in the cloud.
Find me/Follow me
When you provide your employees the ability to see when other team members are on or off the phone in realtime, your business immediately starts savin...
Advanced Voicemail
Automatically transfer all the voicemail to your email in the form of audio files. Access them from any device.
Auto Attendant
Greet your callers with a professional quality voice menu that efficiently routes them to the correct department.
Plans and Pricing
Perfect for Small Business
per month
Advanced Voicemail
HD Video and Voice
Call Parking
Ring/Hunt Groups
Keep your existing number
Auto Attendant
Unlimited Calling
Free Implementation
Perfect for Mid-Level Business
per month
All “Basic” features
and Bonus plus:
Intelligent Call Queues
Call Recording
Conference Bridges
Live Monitoring and Coaching
Perfect for Large Buisness
per month
All “Pro” features
and Bonus plus:
Caller ID Localizer
Advanced Call Queue Handling
Hot Desking
Real-Time Analytics
CRM Integrations
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The OfficeRing Advantage

Here are some reasons why you should choose OfficeRing as your phone system provider:
We're Local
Our office is located in Houston. We are happy to come to your place to help with any issues or just to have some coffee.
Simple management
Keep all your processes within one system - Simple monitoring and control over your business communications.
Disaster Proof
With 100% uptime, your system will work even without an internet connection or power supply.
Free Consultation
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