Accounting Solutions

Both independent accountants and accounting firms can switch to VoIP to enhance productivity and lessen costs.

How can using OFFICErING’s VoIP Phone System benefit my Accounting Firm?
With 60% of workloads running in the cloud, switching to a phone service VoIP provider has become a matter of remaining competitive on the market. And with 314 accounting businesses from Houston joining monthly, you’ll be in great company.
Think about it - why pay more for outdated copper-wire PSTN lines when you can switch to a VoIP phone system without rearranging anything or losing your number within a couple of days? Bring your accounting office into the future with OFFICErING VoIP!
Top-shelf tech
We work with a team of engineers who have made their name in the industry by being on the frontier of VoIP development with projects like Asterisk and OpenSIPS.
Advanced analytics
Track your team’s performance, manage schedules, and tweak workflows based on data gathered in real time.
Compliance with regulations
The reliability of our service is proven by 8 up-to-date certifications and all of the functionality is HIPPA, GDPR, and PCI-compliant.

How Much Does a VoIP phone system for an accounting firm Cost When Compared to a Traditional Phone System?

The extant cost of transitioning to a VoIP phone system for accounting companies will be determined by both the size of your property and the state of existing infrastructure. That said, we guarantee you will save a minimum of 30% of what you pay today. Then there’s the cherry on top: your new phone system is not only autonomous, but it can perform the roles of client relationship management and workflow planning software.
Reduced MRC
Call locally or across the seas at a fixed price per minute or even benefit from unlimited calls instead of paying full price for lines you need for capacity.
Efficient maintenance
Don’t bother yourself with wires! VoIP connects all of your phones and devices across LAN or wirelessly so both installation and maintenance are drastically simplified.
Propertie bundles
Connect your offices into a single, unified network. Share phone lines and resources between locations while keeping the opportunity to maintain separate billing.
Best Accounting Features
Send and receive any document type from anywhere with your PC, tablet or cell phone.
Call Recording
Record and store all of your calls in the cloud.
Advanced Voicemail
Automatically transfer all the voicemail to your email in the form of audio files. Access them from any device.
Hot Desking
Make any phone yours with this advanced feature. Just sign in into any phone with your ID and get access to all your data instantly.
Plans and Pricing
Perfect for Small Business
per month
Advanced Voicemail
HD Video and Voice
Call Parking
Ring/Hunt Groups
Keep your existing number
Auto Attendant
Unlimited Calling
Free Implementation
Perfect for Mid-Level Business
per month
All “Basic” features
and Bonus plus:
Intelligent Call Queues
Call Recording
Conference Bridges
Live Monitoring and Coaching
Perfect for Large Buisness
per month
All “Pro” features
and Bonus plus:
Caller ID Localizer
Advanced Call Queue Handling
Hot Desking
Real-Time Analytics
CRM Integrations
Check out our plans, à la carte options and benefits!
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The OfficeRing Advantage

Here are some reasons why you should choose OfficeRing as your phone system provider:
We're Local
Our office is located in Houston. We are happy to come to your place to help with any issues or just to have some coffee.
Simple management
Keep all your processes within one system - Simple monitoring and control over your business communications.
Disaster Proof
With 100% uptime, your system will work even without an internet connection or power supply.
Free Consultation
Leave us the contacts so we can discuss how your business will benefit most from using VOIP