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Solutions For

Small Bussiness

For the typical small business, owning and maintaining a robust on-site phone system is not very cost effective. However, a cloud-based solution from OFFICErING gives your business all the benefits large companies enjoy without the high cost and hassle. If you're in and out of the office, RateTel's follow-me features will get the call to you wherever you are. Even if you don't operate a physical office, our phone system will make it look like you do! Calls can be routed to cell phones instead of a desk, voicemail messages can be emailed to you instead of maintaining a voicemail box, and faxes can be sent and received virtually. Enjoy all of these features from anywhere in the world.


RateTel is a certified and preferred solutions provider for one of the largest Hotel & Resort operators in the world. We can easily integrate with virtually any PMS interface that your hospitality business may use. Our solutions make communications on your properties fault tolerant, E911 / franchise standards compliant, and less expensive to operate. If you are considering an upgrade to your current PBX, we can help you make the transition seamlessly. For new builds, our solutions can start lowering costs on day one by reducing wiring, power, and space requirements. We're also helping pioneer the movement towards removing the need for room phones entirely! Start greeting and efficiently servicing your guests in new ways that immediately reduce costs and even open up new revenue possibilities for your properties.

Small to large Law Firms

If you're a practice of one or many, our OFFICErING virtual phone system can immediately start benefiting you. Enjoy accurate tracking for your billable calls, live recording for important calls, easy to operate conference services for your meetings, secure virtual faxing, and voicemails that are emailed to you immediately after they are left. Even if you're always on the go, OFFICErING will make sure you get your calls wherever you are with our follow-me features. Exhibit the professionalism your customers expect by answering and routing their calls efficiently to the correct person.

Mobile Work Force

Today's workplace can be anywhere. You can be 100% mobile or have the need to bring in work-from-home agents. RateTel's virtual phone system can be tailored to these and any other needs that might arise in operating your mobile workforce. Staff a call center of any size without ever needing the floor space and amenities to support it. Enjoy all the features of a desk phone with free apps available on both Iphone and android. Literally, take or make your office anywhere!

Health Care

As a vendor to one of the nation's leading providers of healthcare services, we understand that hospitals and outpatient clinics are incredibly expensive to operate. Today's healthcare facilities are constantly facing budgetary and compliance challenges. We also understand that no two facilities are alike and that each has their own special requirements. Whether you operate a small medical practice or manage multiple large facilities, we can meet your expectations and help you maintain all of your compliance requirements.

Call Centers

Here at RateTel, we've engineered one of the industry's most versatile call center platforms through cooperation and feedback with our customers. From customizing exit strategies that reduce caller hold time to extending agent seats to incorporate cell phones, our queues are like no others. With support for desk or virtual agent seats, our ACD Queue and skills based routing algorithms will help you deliver calls to the most qualified agents in real-time. You can train your agents during calls with our live coaching feature where the agent can hear you, but the caller can not. Monitor live and/or record calls for future review, training, and compliance. Use our simple to configure IVRs to direct inbound callers to the correct call queue. Rich call center statistics can be accessed through our web portal where you will also be able to monitor the real-time activity of your entire call center.